The new romance this is how you bring the country style to the dining room

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The new romance: this is how you bring the country style to the dining room

11. May 2020 – 7:08 PM

Modern cottage style for a cozy dining room

The dining room will Shine in a new splendour and still looking for the right decoration? Our Top decor tip: Match the upcoming summer decor in the creates Country-style 2.0 for a dreamy atmosphere with playful and romantic elements. Especially the place where family comes together and delicious meals are eaten, it should radiate warmth and heat. Because: Eat with your eyes ! We will reveal how you can create a beautiful dining area in the Modern-Country Look, without being too tacky .

Country-without the Kitsch: how to!

From the country style has probably already heard every time. The new Variant of the Trends brings happier colors in the game, and tries to maintain a Balance between romance and straight line. These are the things you should consider when Decorating:

  1. Playful Elements: Romantic floral prints on tablecloths or vases are the main part of the rural interior design trends. You can combine different patterns. The sympathetic charm – because square was yesterday. At three to four different Patterns, you should however Stop, otherwise it will quickly cheesy.
  2. Rustic Country Charm: With natural colors, wood, and, for example, baskets made of seagrass, they bring some Shabby Chic into the game. However, you should prefer to the untreated wood, without a pattern, to avoid a cluttered appearance. The classic wood table serves as an ideal base for decoration.
  3. Loving The Details: Bring your decorations to life – fresh cut flowers or potted plants can decorate the dining room and the overall image is still coherent .
  4. Balancing Act Anti-Kitsch Especially when the modern Country Look, vivid colors are an indispensable part. Colored glass vases or solid color table the eye to calm down blankets and set playful flowers pattern even better in the scene.

Romantic Dishes: Mix & Match with great Patterns

Delicious food must be appropriately presented. Keep your eyes open and you will find the perfect crockery set for your dining table. Whether floral or romantic tendrils: you select a Set that appeals to you personally . Tip To remain : when a color is no longer necessary – today "Mix and Match" on the agenda, and also in the crockery sets that consist of different colors are a great Eye-Catcher. For example, you will find Ersting’s Family* current plates, bowls and cups with stylish Patterns in 6 different colors. From $ 3.99 per bowl you can put together a relatively inexpensive Mix-and-Match combo .

Tip: table cloth with table runners combine

What should not be missing in a well-laid dining table, are table cloth and table runner. Even if it invites the everyday meal with a beautiful surface, much more to Enjoy. We recommend the combination of a solid color tablecloth with a patterned table runner. So you can conjure up easily Dimension in their decoration, and the harmonious overall picture created by. The following products are, for example:

  • Tablecloth of Aplet*: In the case of Otto, you will get solid color table cloth in different color variants and with different Patterns. Suitable for summer, the bright green ceiling, for example, for almost 25 Euro an ideal base for your table decorations.
  • Table runner from myHome*: Flowers pattern, as is the case with this table runner from myHome underline the country style of your decoration. This model is 6 Euro comparatively cheap and can also Outdoor used.

Rustic accents with Place mats set

Placemats made of raffia or seagrass, the right offers for colorful, patterned dishes, the so really comes to the fore . Top: if you make a mess, then you need to replace only the ceiling of the Placemat and not the whole table. Quiet shades of brown and simple braided Sets are the best variant for the country-style 2.0. At Amazon, you get 4 placemats made from water hyazinte 19,90 Euro. The Sets are more sustainable than versions made of plastic, because they are made from renewable raw materials such as seaweed. Customers complain mainly color differences, but which are avoided in the case of natural materials, unfortunately, hardly .

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