Cressida Bonas These Fears was the Ex of Prince Harry

Cressida Bonas: These Fears was the Ex of Prince Harry

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  • 30.05.2020

After the separation of Prince Harry, Model and actress Cressida Bonas was afraid to apply forever, as the It-Girl .

Would like to be an It Girl: Cressida Bonas

Would like to be an It Girl: Cressida Bonas

Before Prince Harry (35) lucky to be with Duchess Meghan (38, "Suits") was found, she was at his side: Cressida Bonas (31). British media reports suggest that the Ex of Prince Harry told now in an Interview, you’ve been afraid of, a life as It to be Girl stamped .

Also the constant pressure of the Public to be perfect, have you inhibited to pursue their goals: "The fear of failure, fear of rejection, the fear of it, it is not right to do, the fear of it, not to be perfect. I think that has me limited in certain situations in my life ", Bonas’s also a play on what would have been possibly before, she would have married at that time in the royale family.

King Felipe had some fun with daughter Leonor

Serious actress

To be as an It Girl referred to, have you frustrated, the 31-Year-old. Through her role in the series "White House Farm" Bonas hope to be as a serious actress to be perceived not only as the Ex of Prince Harry: "I think that every day I work very, very hard. I love what I do and I just hope that this role will show people what I can do and what I like to do in the future would like to", said Bonas.

In the British Thriller series, Bonas, Sheila Caffell, a schizophrenic mother of twins is accused of embodying, to have their adoptive parents murdered. The series is based on a true story in 1985.

Wedding due to Corona-pandemic moved

Not only professionally but also privately, it is going well with Bonas. For about a year, she is engaged to the British real estate broker Harry Wentworth Stanley. This year’s scheduled wedding, however, due to the Corona pandemic to be moved: "We don’t know exactly what we will do next, but we will postpone the wedding ", so Bonas.

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