Corona crisis have To turn off Netflix and Co soon?

Corona-crisis: Need to turn off Netflix and co. soon ?

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  • 18.03.2020

Millions of people work from the home office, other streaming online movies and TV shows. The network capacity is quickly reached their limits?

Should Netflix fear-customers to its Streaming-evenings ?

Should Netflix fear-customers to its Streaming-evenings ?

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, millions of people have misplaced their jobs in their own four walls. The home office has announced. But that keeps the broadband infrastructure in Germany at all? Series want to eventually be streamed yet. Neighboring countries such as Austria and Switzerland complain of capacity for the first time problems.

Video conferences and the like more power so slowly noticeable. Network operators in Austria and Switzerland report the first problems. The result: According to the media Expose of net neutrality considering the reports. Users of streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video could so see you soon in the dark tube. Because it comes to an Overload of the network, would that make up a large part of the data usage will be temporarily throttled or even switched off. As the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" (NZZ) writes, there had been talks between the Swiss government and the Telecom companies already .

Video to the article – Now it gets colorful again

Also need to fear German Streaming Fans ?

In Germany, too, the measure of the temporary shutdown was possible, a spokesman for the Federal network Agency "NZZ" said. And not only "in the case of an arrangement through legislation, court or authority for the protection of the network integrity and security", but also to "Prevention or mitigation of exceptional or temporary network overloads".

What is Netflix in Germany says of the possible measures?

Netflix Germany did not want to comment on the request of the news Agency spot on news of the possible measures. The operations of the Coronavirus are currently "to dynamic and the issue too sensitive", to make concrete statements about it. In the opinion it was said only that one "the issue of Corona very seriously" take and "internally, this is currently a lively exchange of ideas" would take place .

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