Christina Applegate

Get Christina Applegate would not be so easily and fights with full force by the most hopeless phases of life.

Christina Applegate

  • Born 25. November 1971 , USA / California / Los Angeles
  • First Name Christina
  • Name Applegate
  • Years 48
  • Size 1.65 m
  • Zodiac Sagittarius
  • Partner Martyn Lenoble (married) ; Johnathon created a ( divorced) ; Lee Grivas (2005 – 2008) ; Christian Slater (1996) ; Nuno Bettencourt (1990 – 1992) ; Richard Grieco (1988 – 1989 ) ; Brad Pitt ( 1988 – 1989)
  • Child Sadie Grace LeNoble (*2011)

Not everyone knows that

Christina tweeted often. A look at their Twitter page reveals that you for example like to "Guitar Hero" with your family plays, and her pregnancy cravings for Avocados has.

Christina Applegate, the co-founded with Robin Antin "Pussycat Dolls", in 1995 their debut appearance in johnny Depp’s Bar "Viper Room" had.

In the series "Friends" Christina Applegate starred in two episodes of the crazy sister of Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel Green. For this she received a 2003 Emmy.

Christina reads with great enthusiasm, spiritual books.

Christina married in 2001, their friend Jonathan there. In 2005, the Couple separated in 2007, the divorce followed. Since 2008, she is with Martyn Lenoble. The two got engaged on February 14. February 2010, and gave themselves three years later, the Yes-word.

Biography of Christina Applegate

"Who are the women that can wear during your pregnancy, short dresses are please? For me it is simply not possible. Oh, the shame", tweeted Christina Applegate in July 2010, while she stood annoyed in front of your wardrobe. Even if other Stars fall on a day like this under your duvet and the Party had to be cancelled, pulled Christina to her Plan. She threw herself still in a short dress, put on a pair of Leggings underneath and looked at the Premiere of her new film, simply stunning – just because of the pregnancy bäuchleins. Problem-solving of the smaller variety. Finally, Christina has to start early, to be with much larger difficulties than a small styling problem.

The Childhood

In Childhood, Christina had it easy – she and her single mother, Nancy, had more often to contend with financial Worries. Again and again the pretty, shy blonde, helped out and earned a few dollars for the family . Today, however, the actress regrets, sometimes, that she aborted a little later the school in order to work in the movie business . "I wish I had more idea of history and all the other things that I can learn. But I’m prepared today to catch up on, and I’m probably a lot better than it was then." Typical of Christina Applegate: Not long whine, and the Situation get the Best of.

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The great love in a roundabout way

The severity of the diagnosis

The falls their self in seemingly hopeless situations, it is not difficult to. As she underwent after her breast cancer diagnosis in 2008, a two-sided mastectomy and a subsequent build-up of the breast , she spoke then, quite openly and shockingly positive about your fate: "Hey, I’m going to have great Boobs until I’m 90. I’m going to need a bra anymore and don’t hang on to me shut down like before. They are nice and tight and look in Tank Tops now really good ." How draw Christina Applegate just this enviable power? Perhaps from the Knowledge that they will be rewarded for your Confidence in life . In 2010, Christina announced, completely from the cancer healed to be.

Serial and film actress

The actress has established herself primarily as a series and movie actress and received an Emmy and several Golden Globe nominations. She was with her role as Kelly Bundy in the TV series "A terribly nice family" known. In this role she was committed for 10 years (1987-1997). At your home you are just 16 years old. For your next series she has already received several lead roles, for example as a Jesse Warner in "Jesse" (1998-2000), in "Samantha Who?" (2007-09) and in the TV series "Up All Night" (2011-12). In Parallel to their Film and series roles, she also worked as a dancer and was in several productions at the Broadway Theatre see, for example, in "Sweet Charity" (2015).

Christina Applegate private

From 2001 to 2007, Christina was Actor Johnathon Created A married. The Couple had married in California, but already in 2005, the love was broken. In 2010, Christina and the were Musician Martyn LeNoble officially a Couple. Two year later they had a daughter, and shortly after the second Birthday of little Sadie Grace rang finally bells the wedding. In addition to her commitment against breast cancer and her public opinion to their double mastectomy Christina is also public for the protection of animals . She is a self-confessed vegetarian, and was seen in a promotional clip for the animal protection organization PETA to .

Netflix Comedy "Dead to Me"

With family and social commitment Christina has enough on the ears. Boring you so quickly – surely why it is considered to be picky in terms of role offers. Your last series role you played "Up All Night" from 2011 to 2012, until 2018, it adopted a new series the main role. In the Netflix Comedy "Dead to Me" you will see Christina Applegate as the uptight and conservative widow, Jen, who lost her husband in a traffic accident, to . What a stroke of luck for Netflix, is Applegate with Casting Directors, but as a Top candidate, the rejects, however, constantly offers . We must, therefore, be interesting to see what the raisins will pick Christina so from the cake .

Social Media by Christina Applegate

RT @deadtome: ok jen and judy really need to work on being on the same page.

To. they would call it Awesome!!

This is why I have a back problem. So this song was about our friends. Not what you think or heard

RT @deadtome: another day, another fucked up lesson from shandy.

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In bed watching “Best in Show” for the millionth time.

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