Boris Becker

Become famous as a tennis star, Boris Becker chats as a business man, Twitter-ash and companion of beautiful women, now part of the German celebrity scene

Boris Becker

  • Born 22. November 1967 , Leimen,, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • First Name Boris Franz
  • Name Becker
  • Fifty two
  • Size 1.9 m
  • Zodiac Scorpio
  • Partner Lilly Becker (separated since 2018, married since 2009) ; Barbara Feltus (divorced) ; Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (2008) ; Sabrina Setlur (2001) ; Caroline Rocher (2003-2004)
  • Children Of Noah Becker (*1994) ; Elias Balthasar (*1999) ; Anna Ermakova (*2000) ; Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis (*2010)

Not everyone knows that

The record as the youngest Wimbledon winner of all time Boris Becker still holds.

The Ex-athlete is an advocate for many charitable purposes, among other things, he fights as a Board member of the ‘Elton-John-AIDS-Foundation’ against the immune disease and was in the 2005 Ambassador of the world AIDS day.

Boris Becker admits: "I am an absolute sports muffle." Of course, the Tennis Idol of glues, but his namesake from Mainz, not talking. Once met, the two Beckers even at a photo shoot for ‘Playboy’.

In his autobiography, Boris admits that he was hooked on pills (sleeping pills). So he had slept through almost the Wimbledon Grand Slam final against Sweden’s Stefan Edberg

Boris Becker has his own video platform: ‘’ was launched in may 2009.

Armed to the wedding of Boris and Lilly: Instead of the previously agreed around 1500 Euro the priest for his blessing, suddenly demanded 7.065 Euro. Because Boris Becker does not want to pay complained to the pastor before the court. The result is that Boris had to pay more, but not as much as required. A win-win for both parties.

The Munich public Prosecutor’s office sentenced Boris Becker 2002 due to tax evasion: Between 1991 and 1993, he lived in Munich, although he was officially registered in the tax haven of Monaco. Around 3.3 million marks he had withheld from the Treasury as a result. After eight (!) Years of the process with a conviction to probation and a fine ended .

"So, uh, yeah, uh, I would say . uh . " Especially in the beginning of his career Boris Becker was feared because of his long-winded, stuttered responses among sports reporters. Many of the Comedians had at the time, the classic Becker language in the Repertoire, legendary Olli Dietrich in the Show ‘RTL Saturday night’.

Meanwhile, Becker liquid speaks, however, with the Talk he still has not so much luck: His Talk Show ‘Becker 1:1’ (2004) in the DSF was discontinued after only a few shipments back .

Even today it is imitated by many, not only on the tennis court: the legendary Becker fist. Whenever "Bobbele" once again after huge power with an impossible Ball by pike jump, but still somehow had achieved, showed the emotional Becker his fist.

Boris Becker is like to fast. To quickly as the police in the Swiss Canton of Solothurn in December 2005 found. With significantly excessive speed was "Lead foot" Becker on the A1 at Oberbuchsiten flashed and had to give up his driver’s license. How long and how much he is driving too fast, has not been disclosed for privacy reasons .

For the last way: Finally, there is also the appropriate Grave decorations for the German tennis fans: The ‘Boris Becker’-chrysanthemums. For the naming of Becker’s nothing: Just because the flowers of the new chrysanthemum look like tennis balls, they were named after the former tennis star .

For the last way: Finally, there is also the appropriate Grave decorations for the German tennis fans: The ‘Boris Becker’-chrysanthemums. For the naming of Becker’s nothing: Just because the flowers of the new chrysanthemum look like tennis balls, they were named after the former tennis star .

Wife Lilly Becker tweeted a picture of a bracket holder, the man in the machine had found. Thought it was a part of the washing machine and looked for where she could hear .

Boris’s father, Karl-Heinz Becker is an architect and has designed the stadium in which Boris Becker and Steffi Graf as the children against each other played

Biography of Boris Becker

As you saw for the first time, an image of little Anna in the newspaper, could no longer deny Boris Becker paternity for a long time. Ginger hair, pale blue eyes and a Smile like the dad. Stubbornly Becker had been reluctant, the short affair with the exotic Model Angela Ermakowa in the Laundry room of a London hotel to admit. The press of the overturned outright, "Seeds of prey" went through all the Newspapers.

His greatest Triumph

However, even such stories can harm the living monument to Boris Becker nothing. Since the Leimen in 1985 at just 17 years of age, the most important tennis tournament in the world, won Wimbledon, he is a folk hero. In his career he caught over 50 titles, three of them "his living room" in Wimbledon. Together with Steffi Graf broke "Bum Bum Boris" in the 80s and 90s in Germany, a country wide Tennis Boom.

Anna Ermakovas boots make you speechless

. and they match the interior

Heartache after separating from Boris

Bizarre Details! She talks about the marriage and separation of Boris

Boris and the women: Barbara, Sabrina, Caroline, Patrice, Lilly

But the price of fame is a public private. The separation from his wife, Barbara Becker (geb. Feltus), with whom he has two sons, was reported meticulously in the media. After that, he was eagerly in search of "Mrs. Right", was constantly spotted with new women. He said he had no fixed "Prey schema", but, looking at the women at his side, including Sabrina Setlur, Caroline Rocher, or Patrice Farameh, closer, you could discover some Similarities. In spite of its many relations Becker, however, remained always confident: "I’m going to marry in my life again. For sure", he said in a 2006 Interview. Right, he should keep: In June 2009, a former Tennis professional and his fiancee Sharlely kerssen mountain to the altar, which is since then, as Lilly Becker known. The Couple celebrated a brilliant wedding in St. Moritz, lived with son Amadeus for many years in London and have split – officially confirmed in may 2018.

His greatest Pride: his children

Little Anna is now a Teenager, and after all the Trouble around the wash chamber Boris now has a really good relationship with his Little. He visited her often in London for Cuddling and has taught her a few words in German. At the beginning of 2006 met with Anna, even her two brothers Noah and Elias to know. In 2010, a third son of the group came up with Amadeus of Boris’ second wife, Lilly, to. The Four-times-Papa is proud of his entire offspring:

"My children are a gift from God, the most Beautiful thing there is in life. Everything is impermanent, only the family remains."

Career after Tennis

Boris has made it to the end of his tennis career in the year 1999, they still remain present in the media and the lies not only to his earlier ever-changing women. The Ex-professional athletes worked, for example, as the advertising face for brands such as AOL or König Pilsener, is a commentator for the BBC, Premiere, and in the DSF and has released a total of three books – two autobiographies ‘moment, linger a while .’, and ‘life is not a game’ and the counselor ‘What makes children strong’. He also cared for his Fans, always with the latest news via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Also from the sport of tennis, Boris is not pulled back completely, so he was in 2013, even to the Trainer and gave Novak Djokovic a year later, at the Wimbledon victory. What can you say? Boris Becker was a winner.

Boris Becker, past and present

So the Tennis has-icon changed

Boris Becker makes the conclusion of the

But after Djokovic has won so much, leaving him to his training diligence. The complains of the head coach and the two separate. Boris was never one who rested on his laurels like that. All the blonde can the fingers not crested but then the eyes from the tennis court to let. 16. up to 29. January 2017 analyzes the lovers of the game as an expert for TV channel Eurosport, the Match of the Australian Open in Melbourne.

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