Bella Block-Goodbye! The last crime is

Bella Block: Abschied! The last crime is

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  • 24.03.2018

"Bella Block" adopted from the screens. On today’s Saturday the final episode of the award-winning crime series is running .

Now it is time to say farewell to a popular investigators figure, because "Bella Block" leave the TV stage. With the charisma of 38. On today’s Saturday (24.3., 20:15 clock, ZDF) ends the crime series after 24 years. Since 1994, the actress Hannelore Hoger (75 solved , "The lost honor of Katharina Blum") as a Commissioner to Block your cases.

The same for the first movie, the main actress and Director Max färberböck starring (67 , "Aimée & Jaguar") with the Adolf-Grimme-prize. Many more trophies, including several German film awards and German TV-crime rates are evidence of the quality of the broadcast series.

In front of the jungle-departure contact Michael Wendler

That’s what "The Abyss"

The last case with the titles "The Abyss" leads the investigator into a swamp of corruption and abuse of power in the ranks of the Hamburg justice. The Film begins with a dinner, to invite the state Prosecutor Klaus-Dieter Mehlhorn (Hans-jürgen Hürrig, 73), Bella Block, shortly before his retirement. He needs your help with a recent, controversial case.

But before he can pull Bella into his confidence, will Mehlhorn killed by a stop. Bella escapes only by chance. The investigation lead to an urban housing society with unclean entmietung practices. Who Mehlhorn was too close to the track that he had to die ?

Goodbye to a Star-studded

In addition to Hoger and Hürrig be in the farewell, among other things, these German actors episode see: Sabin Tambrea (33, "Ku’damm), Devid Striesow (44, Saarbrücken-"The scene of the crime"), Corinna Harfouch (63, "Fack ju Göhte 3"), Lilith Stangenberg (29, "Semolina dumplings affair"), Rainer Bock (63, "Arthur & Claire"), Rudolf Kowalski (69, "SOKO Leipzig") and Aljoscha Stadelmann (*1974, "Tough Nut To Crack").

And as it continues now, in the case of Hannelore Hoger ?

And what are the plans of the native Hamburg after the end of their legendary role ? "Travel" and "rest" on the list, as you said in an Interview with the TV station. There is also "some of the offers of different variety". Because one does not want to make: "to sit at home and knit" – you should get into the habit again .

On a bit "more freedom and more leisure time" she is looking forward already, so Hoger. What? "Whether it is an exhibition or whatever, or whether it is someone’s birthday. I can’t even get to go to the funerals too. And because, I think, is’s critical", she says .

After the last door there was, by the way "Balloons and Überraschungseis".

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