Attila Hildmann

He is the Vegan Star among the chefs: Attila Hildmann. His books are best-sellers, the snacks run — only his temper boils over sometimes .

Attila Hildmann

  • Born 22. January 1981 , Berlin / Germany
  • First Name Attila Klaus Peter
  • Name Hildmann
  • Years 39
  • Size 1.77 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aquarius
  • Partner Sarah Knappik (2014-2015)

Not everyone knows that

What is Attila Hildmann does not actually, if he stands just behind the stove? He is studying! And not just anything, but physics at the Free University in Berlin.

What a success: From Attila’s first cookbook "Vegan for Fun" in the first six weeks, 10,000 copies sold out.

Two thousand seventeen "honored" him, the Berlin-based magazine "tip" with the title "Most Embarrassing Berlin".

Attila Hildmann was as a teenager, often aggressive and even sat once in youth detention.

Biography of Attila Hildmann

Long Vegans have been dismissed as Eco-Freaks. However, Attila Hildmann has contributed significantly to the diet, without animal products suddenly in, and even sexy .

A vegan out of Conviction

And what looks today after a lot of fun and a colorful kitchen, had for Attila a very dramatic beginning. The chef grew up with adoptive parents in Berlin, and lost 14 years ago, his father due to a heart attack. The reason: too high level of cholesterol. For Attila, the decisive Moment, to deal closer with the subject of nutrition, and especially the cholesterol. He said goodbye to meat and fish and never made a lot of sports and had still a high level of cholesterol. So Hildmann also decided the of animal products produced, such as milk or eggs, to remove from his diet, and eat completely vegan. But there was a Problem…

Demo in front of the Bundestag

Police ended the conversation by Oliver Pocher and Attila Hildmann

Great success as a book author

As Attila Hildmann was Vegan, the food is still anything but popular, and the Berlin was far and wide no recipes or matching cookbooks. The Distress, he made the business: He thought of the tasty creations simply self-created Videos online on YouTube and brought in 2009, its first recipe book "Vegan Cookbook" on the market. The delivery is so good that a few more followed, until 2011 "Vegan for Fun" and 2012 "Vegan for Fit" his success is the crown put on. The books were kept for weeks on the bestseller lists, and made Attila Hildmann as a vegan chef to the Star.

Since then, Attila was able to convince more and more people are of his diet. He has appeared in TV Shows such as "Maischberger", "TV Total" and even "Let’s Dance" in the year 2016. At the Ironman and "Beat the Star" he showed how fit he is, and critics don’t get. Because a very small exception, he makes his vegan diet, but gelatin or flavors of the Berlin eaten and also on the leather he would like to as Well do without. His Fans are not bothered by the but more. For 2017 and 2018, he operates two snack bars in Berlin-Charlottenburg and Kreuzberg, the "Vegan, Organic Snack Bars". Even an energy drink, there are now from the home Hildmann: "Daisho" comes in four flavor varieties, therefore, the.

Like attracts like

But has also, perhaps, to squint to Attila Hildmanns impressive 8-Pack. With his good looks he was enthusiastic from the start, his Fans and raised the question: Has the Vegan chef is actually a friend? After his relationship with Ex-top model contestant and the jungle camper Sarah Knappig 2014-2015 it is quiet around the Beautiful. It would have fit so well: Sarah is himself a vegan, and love is really through the stomach, or not? In any case, Attila seems to be still on the search for the last matching ingredient for vegan life recipe .

Warning, fiery!

Even if he is in the kitchen certainly nothing to burn, the with his temper sometimes different. Again and again one reads in the press about major and minor freak outs. In 2018, he received a complaint for insult, it was just meant to be a Parking ticket because of wrong Parking. A year earlier he got from the journalist Susanne Kippenberger, a bad restaurant review that led him to a tantrum on Instagram and on the police station ended. And then? House ban for the journalist, betting offer, in reparation, in which he would eat as a loser, a Steak, Instagram Posts with swear words, and even a gun.

As if that were not enough, he also hit the headlines with racism. Because he has a Turkish background, it is not surprising that he showed at the beginning of 2019 a racist visitors in his place, and made it clear: "Not only fur wearer but also racists, we step out!". What is surprising, however, is his Statement to the refugee policy: "Integration in Germany is a delicate topic because of the German past, which leads to a current self-mutilation of German values and culture .", so his statement. Allegations of legal and political settings were not there, of course .

Attila has made headlines in the Corona-crisis

A lot of Controversy, the cookbook author delivers again in times of Corona-crisis. He speaks on public demonstrations, for example, that he believes, behind the corona virus, the targeted depletion of the world’s population standing. With his conspiracy theories, he is also of the opinion that the corona of the crisis was only “a Bluff for the establishment of a surveillance state". Hildmann shares his opinion active in the social networks. Particularly, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Minister of health, Jens Spahn and the US billionaire Bill Gates will come out not good. Also other Stars such as singer Xavier Naidoo provided with word messages to the corona crisis for diverse Echo.

Social Media by Attila Hildmann

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