Anna Schudt

After successful years at the theatre of Anna Schudt ventured into German television and one of the most in-demand actor is now inside here

Anna Schudt

  • Born 23. In March 1974 , Konstanz
  • First Name Anna
  • Name Schudt
  • Years 46
  • Size 1.76 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Partner Moritz Führmann (since 2010, married) ; Jens-Daniel Herzog (separated)
  • Children 3 Sons

Not everyone knows that

With her husband and three sons, Anna Schudt lives in Düsseldorf. Berlin, she says, was too big.

Anna Schudt is a versatile actress and always like to have New. "All the Unknown makes me joy, every challenge I take with a kiss. The more complicated the character is, the more enthusiastic I am. And great costume orgies make me one hell of a fun!"

Anna Schudt not only shines in front of the camera, she lends her strong voice and audio productions for the radio.

Biography of Anna Schudt

The German actress Anna Schudt swims at the latest since her sensational Emmy-Winning 2018 on the wave of success. The state of baden-württemberg, Konstanz-born daughter of a body therapist and a biochemist collected as a youth, first stage experience at the Constance theatre, before they decided to leave the high school after the eleventh grade, to plunge themselves fully into the adventure acting .

Successes at the theatre

Anna Schudts courage paid off, because at the age of 17, the young man got hold of the game, hope one of the coveted apprenticeships at the renowned Otto-Falckenberg-Schule in Munich. Then Anna Schudt secured a permanent place in the Ensemble of the Münchner kammerspiele, played at the Berlin Schaubühne, the Bavarian state theater and the Residenz theater of the national theater in Munich.

Luck Handle: Dortmund "The scene of the crime"

After several successful years on the stage, Anna Schudt joined the profession, and appeared more and more frequently in front of the television camera. From 2006 to 2007, we saw the actress in her first major TV role in the ZDF series "The Criminalist". An even greater role, and she won in 2012 as they on the side of Jörg Hartmann and Aylin Tezel, the The role of the Commissioner Martina Bönisch in Dortmund "The scene of the crime" took over. A stroke of luck for Anna Schudt and you ask them today whether she has ever been to the Stop thought, she answers: "No, should I? I am very happy about this ‘crime scene’, and my colleagues".

Schudt, and her Emmy

Particularly happy Anna Schudt was certainly in 2018, as a "International Emmy Award" as best actress ran off. For her role of Gaby Köster in TV movie "A runny nose would suffice", by the stroke of the comedienne Gaby Köster told, price earned Schudt all kinds of praise, a lot of applause from all sides, and a nomination for the German television.

Anna Schudt private

Professionally, Anna Schudt is currently more than good posted. "This is wrong, there are times when staring at the telephone, to move it to the ring ", the actress remembers times when it didn’t go so well .

And also privately, she has every reason to be happy. Since 2010, she is married to actor Moritz Führmann, the two have two common sons. A the older son comes from the relationship with Jens-Daniel Herzog, Director of the state theatre Nuremberg.

And what is your secret for a successful relationship? Quite simply: "First, you have to be clear about what ‘successful’ for both means, there are very many different models. And then you should never remain silent for too long. Communication, give in, again and again to the ‘love-button’ press. These are my strategies. So far it has worked out great ."

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