Amanda Seyfried

Scandals and escapades, one looks at Amanda Seyfried in vain. The beautiful actress has managed without any nasty headlines to the top

Amanda Seyfried

  • Born 3. December 1985 , Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
  • First Name Amanda Michelle
  • Name Seyfried
  • Years 34
  • Size 1.61 m
  • Zodiac Sagittarius
  • Partner Thomas Sadoski (current) ; Justin Long (2013-2015) ; Josh Hartnett (2012) ; Ryan Phillippe (2010-2011) ; Dominic Cooper (2007-2010) ; Alexander Skarsgård (-)
  • Children Daughter (*2017)

Not everyone knows that

Amanda’s the best prescription for heartache: "I knit. In doing so, I can relax. I love hand work! I also paint or saw something out of wood."

Amanda is a taxidermy Fan and collects stuffed animals. In her collection, among other things, a foal, a Fox, a goat, and a moose are .

The actress eats healthy, and describes itself as Pescetarierin (someone who eats no meat, but fish). Vegan you might not live, however: "Once Anne Hathaway gave me on the Set of ‘Les Misérables’, a vegan Sandwich, but my body was not Like that. I like vegetables, but I love cheese. I have a great relationship to cheese!"

The Hollywood star admitted that at the age of six years of Porn watching. But that was rather traumatizing for the little Amanda: "This was the first Time that I had ever seen a Penis and I know that it was very explicit and I remember when he came: it was so scary!"

Amanda should have forbidden your father, ‘Chloe’, because he could see her naked in it .

In the Show of Jimmy Fallon, she revealed that her last name is of German origin was not, she knew what he meant. You would wish, however, that he "The bringer of love" hot.

Amanda doesn’t care for the skinny craze in Hollywood, but lives according to the ‘Raw Food diet’, because you are pushing has no desire to Sport . "It is really exhausting and kind of really pathetic. But otherwise, I would probably get any good roles any more ."

Amanda has a word of the "minge", a vulgar term for the word Vagina, on the foot tattooed. But why? "Colin Firth used the term on the Set of ‘Mamma Mia’ and I didn’t know what it means. It was a very funny Situation, as he explained it to me. So I leave it on my foot tattoo and now have to laugh every Time I see it ."

Amanda loves Jeans and collects them even: "I don’t care how expensive they are. Jeans are just so sexy."

Biography of Amanda Seyfried

Large, widely spaced eyes and long blond hair: These two attributes fall again and again in connection with the name Amanda Seyfried. Superficial? Not at all: After all, it was “discovered” because of their appearance, also for the acting. Your comp card from the Children model index a couple of talent scouts fell into the hands, and – whoosh – the girl with the strikingly beautiful hair, his first role in an American Soap. The first movie was not long in coming: in 2004, she co-starred opposite Lindsay Lohan in "Girls Club – vorsicht bissig!" with.

Without the scandals

But, while Lindsay Lohan is since childhood, is an integral part of the gossip press, is keeping Amanda away from scandals. Unlike the bitch-League of Hollywood, the beautiful blonde took the prudent path: No parties, no drugs, no crashes! A safe home (her mother answered since the first day of her fan mail), a high school diploma (although with 70 days last year) and a target (without compromise): to be a serious actress. It is not surprising that Amanda took the first Chance to get out of your Heimatkaff Allentown somewhere in Pennsylvania to break out. After all, she describes the place it is today as synonymous with boredom. And Billy Joel sang in the 80’s about the Dying industrial town, with its many unemployed factory workers.

Enzo and the wonderful world of people

Milo Ventimiglia is the dog Whisperer

You should join in a new Netflix movie

"Enzo and the wonderful world of people"

Success in Hollywood

Eventually, it moved to Amanda, but to Los Angeles. In order to, as she says, to make good contacts. A project is a success, your amazing and quite without the scandalous stories and their numerous roles in films brought: probably The most famous of which is the Sophie from the Musical film "Mamma Mia!", you could work together in 2008 with Hollywood greats like Meryl Streep and Colin Firth. In "Les Misérables" you proved again that you can’t look at the players, but also sing .

Other film roles were not long in waiting. On a specific Like Amanda, however, cannot be pinned down. So she played along side Channing Tatum in the romantic movie "The glow of the silence" with Knut killed in "Jennifer’s Body" with Megan Fox, in was with Justin Timberlake "In Time – Your time is running out " a race against time, stand for "Felt Mid-Twenties" with Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts and Adam Driver in front of the camera, and mimed in the Comedy "Finally," a young journalist on the verge of despair.

Private happiness after a lightning engagement?

In private, the ambitious actress life is somewhat turbulent. After from 2008 to 2010 with your "Mamma Mia!"-Co-Star Dominic Cooper was in a relationship and then a few other Hollywood guys dated, got to know you in 2013, the actor Justin Long, Ex-boyfriend of Drew Barrymore. As she told in an Interview that she wrote Justin, after you saw his Instagram profile and laughed out loud had. By 2015, the two were together, enjoyed a quiet life with dog Finn. Among the reasons of the separation, only little is known, allegedly, the two have lived easy to take apart. According to rumors, Justin Long wanted to marry the pretty one, Amanda, but she felt not ready. Spicy: In September of 2016, they announced their engagement, with the ten years older, Thomas Sadoski, after only six months of relationship! The two had 2015 in New York, learned as they for the Musical "The Way We Get By" on the stage of their acquaintance stood up and deepened on the Set of the common Film "The Last Word". During the filming were rumors of a possible relationship between the two, the round – at the latest then no more small talk left in the summer of 2016 together at Paris Fashion Week appeared.

Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski in a baby-happiness

Whether or not Amanda Seyfried has found with the already divorced Thomas Sadoski now, her great love, the future will show. The signs are certainly very good, because the two Lovers have made in the spring of 2017 seriously. After seven months of engagement, the wedding followed in March first completely private and intimate in the little circle, and only a few weeks later, the first common child of the couple, a daughter was born, the light of the world.

The inner demons

Maybe your new happiness, the delicate actress helps to fight your inner demons – or at least better with you life. In a surprisingly honest Interview, Amanda Seyfried admitted that she has long been suffering from anxiety disorders and excruciating panic attacks. In addition, she has developed with the years to such a paralyzing fear of the big stage, that it avoids theatre performances in front of live audience since 2015, for the most part. Her husband and her daughter Amanda Seyfried are very sure to be a great support and we are confident that the beautiful actress will soon be back on the big screen to admire .

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