All the info + photos of the Show The Bachelor

>> Everything to the TV dome show "The Bachelor"

All the info + photos of the Show

Of The Bachelor To 2020

Soon, an attractive bachelor in the television makes for the ninth Time in search of the big love. Of the Bachelor to 2020 is Sebastian Preuss, 29, a kickboxing world champion and master painter with the desire to have a family! 20 sexy contestants are gearing up for the TV catfight, which starts in 2020, equal to the beginning of the year: on the 8. January. We provide you here with all the News and pictures around the Show

Of The Bachelor To 2020

The candidates

"The Bachelor" Two thousand twenty

The new ticking "Bachelor" Sebastian Preuss

For the first Time the twins come

Eternal love or relationship-Flop?

The the Bachelor couples

Here, they discovered completely new possibilities

Why I, as a Fan of the Finale don’t want to see

After removal of Sebastian Preuss

Bachelor favourite Linda speaks about her new friend

Sebastian is said to have beaten a man with a Swan

Shitstorm for Swan-fight

Bachelor’s Sebastian bursts into tears

Oliver Pocher and Amira: your Clip amused the network

Sebastian Preuss regretted the first kiss with YOUR

New Season "The Bachelor"

Bold! These candidates for Fame to give-Lust

He congratulates Angelina Heger to the Baby with Sebastian Pannek

"The Bachelor" Two thousand twenty

These 22 candidates want to conquer Sebastian Preuss

Anniversary season, comes the beginning of the year

For this Mega-six-pack it is celebrated by the followers

Andrej Mangold + Jennifer Long

Jennifer is pregnant by the Bachelor?

Cancellation in the case of "The Bachelor"

This candidate is too smart for the dome show

He raises serious allegations against its Basketball club

Gerda Lewis + Keno Setup

The holds Ex-"Bachelor" Andrej Mangold of your love

Full lips should be(n) kiss

Before And After: "Bachelor"-Eva was at the Beauty Doc

Andrej Mangold + Jennifer Long

Totally in love in Jamaica

"Bachelor"-Third Vanessa Prince

"Time heals all wounds"

"Bachelor"-Couple Of Andrej + Jenny

"At the beginning is always the best side"

Bachelor Andrej Mangold

Because of love! "Rather, physical attraction"

Andrej Mangold + Jennifer Long: This is what she has now

VIDEO: Andrew and Jenny in love-holiday

Now Jenny gets to counter-attack

Now Eva grabs

Andrej Mangold: "Feelings for Eva were only physically"

"Bachelor"-Third Vanessa Prince

In this Interview, she grabs

"The Bachelor" Two thousand nineteen

The secret phone call before the decision

VIDEO: first Turtel appearance of Andrej Mangold and Jenny

The Bachelor 2019

Jennifer confesses: "It has me upset me to look at"

The Bachelor 2019

Jennifer pulls Long to Andrej Mangold to Bonn

The Bachelor (RTL)

Andrej Mangold & Jennifer Long are Partners in Crime

The Bachelor 2019

First of all love Posting after the Finale

Now placed Eva reports second word

Eva shocks with spicy Sexbeichte

What is the reaction of the Bachelor-winner Jenny?

Jennifer is the winner!

After the Bachelor Finale

Jenny and Andrew are a Couple?

These are the Hotspots of all the Bachelor’s dream dates

Of the Bachelor to 2020 – dates and rumors

This year, the RTL-dome show from 8 is. January, every Wednesday broadcast. So it’s high time to sort some of the rumors. Whisper propaganda about huge salaries, we can give the same: it is Mostly not more than 3000 euros, which gets all of the Love. But who is the Bachelor to 2020 and its lovers are in?

The expiry of the Dating Show

To the lady of his heart to choose, the Bachelor of his admirers individually or in groups. Each Date can get to know the participants better. In the "Night of the roses" spread of the young, the coveted flower journeyman to come. The candidate, for the it looks like floral mau, will be eliminated. The Appeal of the Format are not only beautiful people, but also the beautiful places of The Côte d’azur, South Africa, Los Angeles or Miami were so far on the program. Beautiful views are guaranteed for the Bachelor to 2020: Again, it goes to Mexico!

The Bachelor’s Candidates

Paparazzi photos of the candidates of the first sequence appeared sometimes long before the start. Miss from the individual Federal States or cities, there were already often in the Dating Show, so probably also in the latest edition of the dome show.

Bachelor’s degree in 2020: The new Rosenkavalier is Sebastian Preuss

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