Alcohol does not evaporate completely during cooking

Caution in children, Pregnant women and dry alcoholics!

Dishes with a shot of: alcohol does not evaporate completely during cooking

19. May 2020 – 6:25 PM

Consumer centre warns

The risotto rice, deglaze with white wine, port wine for the Kick in the sauce or the strong beer in the beer goulash – cooking is often used alcohol. Often, the court is Pregnant to worry, dry alcoholics and children of pre-sets. Because many chefs assume that the alcohol evaporates Yes. This is true but only partly! The consumer indicates Central Bavaria .

Many don’t skimp with the use of alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic drinks can give many dishes the extra Kick. They bring Heavy, Sweet and fruity acid. Many professional and Amateur chefs skimp on, therefore, is not just with the use of white wine, port wine and Co. "Frequently consumers think that the alcohol evaporates when cooking is complete. But that is not true ", Anja dick-Exner, nutrition expert at the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern says .

Certain ingredients can bind the alcohol

How many liters of alcohol remain in the finished food left, depends on the type and amount of alcohol and the method of preparation. Other ingredients can bind in alcohol and in the dining hold. The greater the amount and the high percentage of alcohol, the more you will find in the food . "Investigations revealed residual amounts of alcohol between four and 85 percent", as the nutrition expert.

Long Braising with the lid open

Almost completely verdunste alcohol when it will be added to the beginning of the cooking time, and if food is cooked in an open pot. When Braising in a closed roasting pan, the alcohol content would hardly reported by the consumer. The reason: alcohol-containing vapor condenses on the lid and come back again in the dining. First legal alcohol back then, if he is not added until the very end, or but the preparation time is very short .

Children, Pregnant women and dry alcoholics should serve, therefore, fundamental no courts to which alcohol has been worked .

What alcohol is suitable for cooking

In principle, any alcohol can be used for cooking, as long as it is Ethanol-products. However, not everyone tastes each dish. Here you will find a couple of Combi-bationen and tips, which you for example, white wine can replace !

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