Aidan Turner

The Irish actor Aidan Turner, is captured "Poldark" not only the television, but as a dwarf in the "The Hobbit"-Movies, also the movie screen.

Aidan Turner

  • Born 19. June 1983 , Clondalkin, Ireland
  • First Name Aidan
  • Name Turner
  • Years 36
  • Size 1.83 m
  • Zodiac Gemini
  • Partner Caitlin FitzGerald ; Sarah Greene (until 2015) ; Lenora Crichlow (until 2011) ; Charlene McKenna (until 2009)

Not everyone knows that

In 1975, "Poldark" already very successfully made into a movie. Aidan had to step into big shoes to fill. This his father with the following words noted: "You’ve achieved as an actor a lot. But not screwing this up now !"

For his role in "Poldark" Aidan tortured for months in the gym. The hardships have been worth it, shirtless in the beautiful Irish see .

Aidan Turner does not think much of Social Media. He just has no desire to share his life with strangers .

Whether Aiden’s hair in "Poldark" probably really are? Initially, he wore Extensions because their own hair for the intended hairstyle were still too short. However, in the course of the shooting, they reached the desired length, so that the hair extensions could be removed .

Fitness tip of Aidan: go out for a walk with his dog to the top of the list, in order to keep his body in shape

Biography of Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner is not one of those actors who has dreamed from childhood of a career in Showbiz. To get to where he is today, he had to go some detours. And grew up Aidan in Clondalkin, a town near the Irish capital, Dublin, is born. His Childhood and youth he spent with his great passion for the art of Dance. He settled in Latin American and ballroom dance training and Ireland represented the tournaments, even at the international Dance.

A dancer, engineer and finally an actor

The dance, therefore, would be his life, but after school the handsome Irishman decided for an apprenticeship as an electrical fitter in the family business. But career number two, it should not be. How do you say so beautiful? All good things are three! So also in the case of Aidan Turner, who discovered the third attempt, his true Passion: acting. Now was not shilly-long, after all, he had already lost enough time. In Dublin, visited Aidan a drama school, from which he graduated in 2004, successfully and from then on, he was on a number of Irish theatres home.

Aidan celebrated his first successes in the TV

So one thing led to another, and the step of the stage in front of the camera was not a big more. In 2007, it was to the extent that: In the Irish-canadian historical television series "The Tudors" is Aidan Turner on the side of Hollywood’s ass, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, his TV debut. Although this was only a tiny, tiny role, but it was enough to gain attention. From 2009 to 2011, embodied Aidan in his, to date, the most well-known role as the vampire John Mitchell in the television series "Being Human".

Aidan Turner on the big screen

According to TV follow the can see, it was slow at the time to conquer the big screen. No less than Director Peter Jackson gave Aidan Turner the Chance and in front of him "The Hobbit: An unexpected journey", as well as the two sequels "The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug" and "The Hobbit: The battle of the Five armies" as the dwarf Kili.

In 2017, there was Turner, then as an oil Painting in the animation film about Vincent van Gogh "Loving Vincent" he took on the role of the boat’s.

Series hero in "Poldark"

More than once had Aidan now Can be proven, but that the producer of the history series "Poldark" of all things, and in him for the main role wanted to, he could hardly believe. But just as it was, Aidan didn’t have to come to an audition, he just had to be "Yes" say. He did, of course, and not enthusiasts, starting in 2015, in the first season of the series the fate of a War to repatriate two hundred years ago, only his female Fans. BBC extended the successful series, season by season, until 2019, the fifth and final season of delivery.

Aidan Turner, the heart-breaker

You never know whether Aidan is just married and, if so, with whom. From 2007 to 2009, he lived with his then-girlfriend, the Irish actress Charlene McKenna, in London. Successor for two years was its "Being Human"-Fellow Actress Lenora Crichlow. Third in the League of his Exes, actress Sarah Greene was that Aidan already know, in 2005, a theatrical performance met, you lost again. In 2012, the two met again, it crackled like crazy, they were a Couple, but after only three years, the dream of the big love again.

In June 2018, he was holding hands with the blonde American beauty Caitlin FitzGerald holding in Paris spotted, until he referred to them a short time later as his girlfriend. Since the try his Co-Star from the movie "The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot" and Turner, the relationship of the Public to stay out of this.

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